West Winds
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NEWS!   West Winds has now moved to Alabama

            as the new Ceremonial Home for the

Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society!

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Welcome to West Winds New Ceremonial Home

in Alabama  2019

-  Wind Daughter

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New Ceremonial Grounds of Medicine Wheel, Dance Grounds

& Sweat Lodge    October 2019

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Rocking Chair at Fireplace Alabama Oct 2
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West Winds Arkansas - former Ceremonial Home  1992-2019

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West Winds, in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas  1992 - 2019

After 22 years Wind Daughter's  home for West Winds was in the Ozark Mountains.  West Winds is the Ceremonial Grounds and Home of The Panther Bear Tribe Medicine Society. Wind Daughter continues, as she has for many years, to carry the Bear Tribe bundle and teachings as she moves into a new era. She brings her own Panther Medicine to join the Bear Medicine. This unique combination brings profound teachings.

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Wind Daughter brought forth the Black Lodge as the manifestation of a vision.  Black is a sacred color, often representing the West.  Black is the color of the Night Sky, with stars and lightning streaking across it.  The Black Lodge is a re-birthing sanctuary, sacred to Wind Daughter's teachings.

West Winds Lower Porch.jpg

"Many Horses," our primitive cabin, offers sleeping space for 6 or more guests.


There is a beautiful cave at West Winds.  In the Spring of 2008, Wind Daughter held her first women's night dance at West Winds and honored the cave as the womb of the mother.


West Winds MedicineWheel

Wind Turtle Mound.jpg

Turtle Mound


Medicine Wheel